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Quality, Reputation Pioneer

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Just as everybody knows, The easily - worn parts on feed pellet mill or wood pellet mill are Ring-die and Roller shells which are manufactured and controlled by a few large enterprises in the world for a long time. Since China is a nation with a full industrial chain and her industrial automation lever is going up continuously, Adhering to the faith of "Lowering the production cost and optimizing the manufacture technology on the ring die", GUANGZHOU PENGFA IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING CO.,LTD have been devoting to searching & combining the top equipment in the relative field into a perfect production line for ring die with excellent quality, high efficiency. Through 7 years’ exploration and experience, Ring-die manufacture from China Scheme comes into the world..

 GUANGZHOU PENGFA IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING CO.,LTD (Called PENGFA) is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou which is called “Commercial Port” with one thousand of business history. It aims at exporting ring-die and the full-industry-chain products of producing the ring die from the raw material -- forged ring to series of CNC production equipment like CNC Vertical Lathe / Four - roll Gun Drill, CNC Horizontal Countersinking machine, Vacuum Furnace , CNC Lapping & Blast cleaning machine and CNC Refurbishing machine for maintenance on ring die as well. PENGFA is an unique company in China which promotes Chinese experience on ring-die manufacture abroad. In the meanwhile, In order to meet the demand from Feed pellet plant or wood pellet plant, PENGFA periodically supplies the relative spare parts like screeners, hammers / drag flights etc to their clients. The above products have passed the strict technical test by the relative government offices and got their approval. They also got good feedback from our clients.

 Relying on the Specialized group, Strict management & our cooperative partners’ permanent innovation and development, “CWT” staff brings the brand-new CNC equipment of unique structure﹑high pressure﹑low energy-consuming and high efficiency into this world one after one, More and more Ring- die production lines are “flying” to every corner in the world. They carry “CWT” people’s devotion to new CNC equipment and fully set forth to the meaning of “CWT” to great extent: “Coincide With the Tide, Create the World's Top”.

  Adhering to the Management Concept of "Quality, Reputation Pioneer", "CWT " staff provides best service to their customers by good quality, beautiful design, reasonable price and prompt delivery. Complying with the business ethics “Customers are our God, Quality is the life of the enterprise”, we are strict with ISO 2001 Quality Criterion. we exert ourselves on what we can to make every product perfect and to provide customers a safe and excellent product.We have a common wish: "Make people’s living cost lower, Make people’s living quality better, Make it more harmonious between human and the environment, Make your tomorrow brighter and clearer”.



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