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Vapour Moisture Mixer

Vapour Moisture Mixer

  • Art No.:Feeder & Conditiner
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Item Name: Vapour Moisture Mixer( Material Feeder + Conditiner)

Function and Features:

This device is designed for adjusting the moisture of material to the most ideal operation through vapour. On the wood pellet production line,It has the following two functions:

Function 1:It Can be connected with boiler, use the hot steam to make the raw material softer, thus improve the capacity and increase the lifetime of roller shell and die plate.

Funtion 2: Adjust the moisture to be suitable for pelleting

It has the following features:

(1)    Degree of homogeneity: CV

(2)    Mixing time: 3-6 minutes.

(3)    No residual in this device

 Key Technical Parameters:

(1) Dia. of material feeder: 219mm     Length1.2m

(2) Dia. of conditioner: 300mm,        Length2m

(3)Machine Dimension:            ;              Weight: KG

(4)Power: 2.2KW+2.2kw ;                      Capacity: 500KG / batch.

Range of application: This machine is widely used in biomass pellet fuel factory , feedstuff factory,  cultivation farms , food product factory, chemical plant and flourmills etc.

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