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Pure Wood Pellets Fuel

Pure Wood Pellets Fuel

  • Art No.:Wood Pellets
  • Brand Name:CWT
  • Model:Wood Pellet Fuel
  • Place Of Origin:China
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Item Name: Pure Wood Pellets Fuel     HS CODE: 44013000

[Product Introduction]

Biomass is organic material made from plants. It contains stored energy from the sun through the photosynthesis process.When burned, the chemical energy in biomass is released as heat.

Wood Pellet Fuel is refined and compressed biomass . It is made from wood waste like sawdust , wood shavings, lath, end cutting, broken lumber core, leftover materials as well as defective and small fuel wood through such process like Grinding / Sorting / Drying / Pelletizing etc.    

 [Product specification]:(It has met SGS-CSTC Standard and DIN + Standard)

A. Diameter: 6-8mm                           B. Length: 10mm-25mm

C. Blend: 100 percent softwood like pine or fir      D. Calorific value: above 4500kal per kg

E. Moisture content: below 8 percent             F. Ash level: below 0.5 percent

G. Density: 1300-1500kg per cubic meter         H. Sulfur content: below 0.01 percent

I. Chlorine content: below 0.004 percent          J. No addictive

K. Available colors: white / brown / black etc

 [Product Benefits]

(1)    Wood Pellets are a renewable and sustainable heat and energy fuel, produced from 100 percent wood fiber like pine or fir

Pellets are made of clean and recycled materials, nothing is taken from the environmental to produce pellets. By burning wood pellets we keep this material out of landfills and incinerators, and no new trees are cut down to produce pellets and no additives are used because the wood natural glues hold them together.

(2)Wood Pellets are carbon neutral. Less emission of carbon-dioxide and other gases

The primary environmental benefit of burning wood pellets is it does not contribute to climate changes through emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. Since our forest resources are managed in a renewable manner and the growth of these trees fixate the same amount of carbon as are emitted by the burning of pellets or decomposition of wood in nature, the net emission of carbon-dioxide is practically zero. Other emissions from wood pellets are low in relation to coal, oil and other fossil fuels.

Emissions of nitrogen oxides are similar to fossil fuels, however emissions or sulfur dioxides are considerably lower.

(3)Wood Pellets cost less than fossil fuels. The cost of wood pellets are far more stable than the ever-increasing price of fossil fuels.

(4)Wood Pellets are available locally. The biomass waste of China provide an abundant supply of raw material to produce wood pellets.

 [Product Package]

. Bag of 15KG/Bag of 25KG.  Ⅱ. Pallet of 85 bags and 1250KG   Ⅲ. Big Bag of 1000KG(Jute bag)

Ⅳ. Container of 20GP of 15 – 20 tons. V. Package Size: 65*60*15cm

 [Product Application]

Wood Pellet in residential markets are primarily used in space-heating stoves specifically designed to accept pellets like fireplace etc. On a commercial scaleentire building and complexes , such as schools / prisons and businesses, can be heated efficiently by using pellet boilers. The largest industrial users are electric co-fired generation plants. In each market, Pellet-fueled stoves and boilers offer considerable advantages over hydro carbon fuel by reducing fueling costincreasing combustion efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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