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Intelligent High Level Palletizer

Intelligent High Level Palletizer

Item Name: Intelligent High Level Palletizer         Model No:MDJ-2.0

Function and Features:

1.         Reasonable Structure & Swift Installation:the installation and trial run can be finished in one working day

2.         Wide application range:It can match many types of pallet and stack.

3.         Optimize feeding structure and high working performance:30% higher than manual operation

4.         Optimize stacking pattern: adopting interlamination interactive superposition so that the stacker is stable and stack transfer or packet dropping won’t occur easily

5.         There isn’t damaged package during stacking to ensure that the packing operation goes on without interruption

6.         Simple operation and convenient maintenance, Low requirement on operators and serviceman

7.         Low initial investment cost and short period of cost recovery

8.         High Safety: It can continuously & steadily work for a long time

 Key Technical Parameters: 

Equiped Power

4.5KW (Rotary table 1.5KW Hydraulic Station 3KW)

Operation Power

<3KW (Rotary table works periodically, Hydraulic Station works on every stack only for 10S )

Stack Type : 6 Bags / layer * 8 layers

Production Capacity

450-550 Bags per hour

Gas consumption


Pallet Size(mm)

1600*1400*150 / 1600*1600*150

Pallet QTY


Stack Type:  5Bags / layer *10 layers

Production Capacity

350-400 Bags per hour

Gas consumption


Pallet Size(mm)


Pallet QTY


Woven Bag Requirement

After package, Length 820 * Width 530 (+ 20)mm

Before package,  Length 1000-1050  * Width 580-630mm

Range of application: This device is applicable for automatic stacking in feed, premix, cereal and fuel industries

About the working videos, please refer to &


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