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Full-Automatic Packing Complete Equipment

Full-Automatic Packing Complete Equipment

Item Name: Full-Automatic Packing Complete Equipment      Model No: FPM-50

Function and Features:

  1. High AutomationAutomatic delivering bags / absorbing bags  / bagging / sticking the label  and sewing the bags. Without manual operation during the whole course;
  2. Perfect functionSetting up the automatic treatment function on absorbing & clamping bags failure and Stop / Alarm function after the failure amounting to N times to avoid the system’s invalid operation;
  3. Simple OperationControl by touch – screen, Turn – key packing system;
  4. High ManeuverabilityOne operator can run 4-5 packing systems then improve the current operation mode in which one operator can only run one packing system;
  5. Wide AdaptabilityApplicable for all woven bags except sack;
  6. Configurating automatic bag bank where 900 woven bags are stocked every time and automatically delivered to avoid the manual frequent delivering bags;
  7. Setting up the detection function on thread / stitch disconnection:when the above malfunction occurs on the sealing machine, the system will automatically stop running and alarm to avoid the unstitched package entering the next process;
  8. Setting up the Stop / Alarm function on being shot of bags in the bag bank, reminding the operator to place the woven bag in bag bank;
  9. Achieving the swift switch between automatic packing and manual packing.

Key Technical Parameters:

Packing Bag size

Length (800-1030mm) x Width (500-600mm)

Unacceptable Packing Bags

With big gas trans-mission rate / interactive adhension / rough surface /oversized folded corners / oversized crimping &corner folded

Production Capacity

8 – 10 bags / m

Packed Weight

20KG – 50 KG

Unacceptable Labels

With big gas trans-mission rate, interactive adhension, rough surface.

Gas Consuption

12 CBM / h

Bleed Pressure


Bag Bank Capacity


Equipped Power


Bag – Delivering Success rate

About 100%

Operating Power


Bagging Success rate

About 100%

Power Supply

220V / 380V

Applicable Material

Granule & Powdery material

Packing System Size: Length × Width × Height

3000mm X 2100 mmX 1920 mm

About the working videos, please refer to &

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