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Deburring &Countersinking Machine of Ring-die

Deburring &Countersinking Machine of Ring-die

Item Name:Deburring & Countersinking Machine of Ring-die


[Mechanic Brief Description]

The electric control system consists of high sensitive digital-control system with variable frequency control & serve motor. The motion system consists of screw rod & rail with high precision.


Equipment’s Features & Function:

This equipment is used for deburring and counterboring on the ring-die of pellet mill, the operation mode is same as the drilling machine of ring-die. The chamfer is even and beautiful with uniform depth. It effectively makes up for the deficiencies deburred by band with different depth and low efficiency.


Vertical Series and Horizontal Series for your option:

Vertical Series:Because the ring-die is put in vertical direction and is supported by two roller-assemblies, when the ring-die rotates, the roller-assembly can trackslip onto the ring-die sometimes so that the indexing isn’t accurate. Therefore, this vertical series are only suitable for deburring to those finished holes with single function such as maintenance on ring-die of pellet mill.


Horizontal Series: The ring-die is fixed on the universal indexing plate thus the indexing is accurate and ensures the deburring’s quality to the ring-die. It is suitable for machining on the ring-die with multi-function such as deburring, counterboring and drilling which can be done on the same fixture / holder  

Key Technical Parameters:

Item Name

Model NO

Deburring Diameter

Drilling Diameter

Ring-die / Roller – assembly Size


Inner Diameter

Outer Diameter


Deburring Machine of Ring-die







Horizontal Series











No limitation


Vertical Series


Range of application: This machine is used for deburring to all kinds of holes. It can connect to multi-shaft machine and process many holes once.

About the working videos, please refer to &


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