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Centrifugal Efficient Pellet Mill

Centrifugal Efficient Pellet Mill

  • Art No.:HPM Series
  • Brand Name:CWT
  • Model:HPM Series
  • Place Of Origin:China
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Item Name: Centrifugal Efficient Pellet Mill  

Model No: HPM Series (Horizontal Ring-Die)

Function and Features:

Whether it's pounds per hour or tons per hour, we have the right equipment. Our mills are ideal for producing pellets from biomass like wood, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower husk and straw.

Our horizontal ring-die efficient centrifugal Pellet Mill model:HPM560 etc has the following features:

(1)    Ring-die, vertical structure, good for cooling the pelletzing room, vertically feeding, easier heat dissipation:

      Because of the upward mould, the material is feeded into the pelletizing room vertically and is well placed, no other pressing device is needed. The feed inlet of ring-die pellet mill is set in one side, so light material is hard to get into the pelletizing room and other special force pressing device is needed, what’s more important, the lifetime of gearing is shorten as the pelletizing room couldn’t dissipate the heat and be cooled. Flat-die pellet mill has two kinds of structure, but both have many faults that are hard to get rid of despite they can be feeded vertically.

   1)One kind is--Die rotates to make roller run, the output will be effected as material is easily arched which lead to uneven feeding.

   2)The other kind is –rollers rotate while the die is static, which could avoid the arching of material, but centrifugal force is caused which swing the material in the pelletizing room to the periphery. It will cause the upward flat die with evenly spreading pellet holes in it has no material to press in the center, then material piles up unevenly in thickness.

(2)    Die static, roller rotating, material centrifugal and distributed around evenly:

       By the high rebounding effect from a unique double-layer die, the material can naturally and evenly spread in the die’s inner surface. The normal ring-die pellet mills’ rollers are static, only die rotate, no centrifugal force, unevenly distributed material.  The normal flat-die pellet mills’ rollers rotate to generate the centrifugal force but the die hole isn’t in accordance with the materials’ force.

(3)    Double-layer dies, up and down dual-use(multi-fuction), reducing the cost and enhancing the efficiency, High capacity and saving energy:  

      The ring-die has upper and lower parts, it can choose two different hole diameters to produce two different size of pellets. When pelletizing good bonding materials, It can heighten the rollers and two-layer dies to reach quadruple capacity. Any other flat-die or ring die can’t achieve so result.

(4)    Macroporous die, wire-joining circular tube, increasing materials’ travel, improving density:

      Because the die is static when briquette machine operates, If the die aperture can be connected outside with wire-joining circular tube when pelletizing large-diameter briquette, it will increase the materials’ move.  Small, low-cost die can also enhance the finished products’ density (The density of finished briquette can be changed through adjusting the length of circular tube). The normal ring-die pellet mills’ die is whirly, It can’t be connected with wire-joining circular tube.If it is used to pelletize the large-diameter briquette, It can’t reduce the die’s cost. Not to mention to normal flat-die pellet mill.

(5)    Independent and frequency-conversion discharge device ensures the rate of finished pellet.

Key Technical Parameters:


Output (t/h)


Pellet Dia


Machine Size(M)












(1)Diameter of die plate: 550mm (HPM550/560)       (2) Rotate Speed: 990rpm/min

(3)Temperature of making pellets: 60-85 Temerature of finished pellet: 45-75

(4)The moistuer content of making pellet: 15%-25%

(5)With oil pump and lubricant system

(6) The most appropriate raw material is pine / fir /tung / willow /Poplar and rice husk / peanut shell / sunflower husk and straw. If the raw material is hard wood like eucalyptus / oak / rosewood , birch or sandalwood, you should choose HPM560 or above model.

Range of application: This machine is mainly used in biomass pellet fuel factory

About the working videos, please refer to &

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