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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

  • Art No.:DTJ40*28
  • Model:DTJ40*28
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Item Name: Bucket Elevator      Model No: DTJ38*18


Bucket Elevator is made of 3”angle frame and has 16 Swg cover sheet. Rubber belt is mounted on pulleys and10”buckets are affixed at equal distance to dried sawdust or finished pellets to storage silo


 Function and Features:

  • The top adopts the fine roller-flower wheel which can prevent the belt sliding.
  • With high-density wrinkle-resistant nylong, low extensibility and high durability.
  • Excellent sealing performance and venting for preventing dust explosion;
  • Optional devices for preventing the belt from sideslip and back-off to ensure safety.
  • In biomass pellet plant, it was used to transfer the biomass pellet from cooler to screener. 

Key Technical Parameters:

DTJ(Square Tube: Length/ Width)          



Capacity (m3/h)







Range of application:

This device is widely used for the vertically conveying of powdery or granular bulk material in grain terminals, port terminals as well as such industries as feed, flour, rice, edible oil etc

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