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Biomass Mixture Pellet Fuel

Biomass Mixture Pellet Fuel

  • Art No.:Biomass Pellet Fuel
  • Brand Name:CWT
  • Model:Biomass Pellets
  • Place Of Origin:China
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Item Name: Biomass Mixture Pellet Fuel          HS CODE: 44013000

[Product Introduction]

Biomass Pellet fuel is refined and compressed biomass which allows remarkable consistency and burns efficiently at a fraction of the particulate emissions of raw biomass. With proper sustianable forest initiatives and agricultural management, Pellet fuel is virtually limitless and has proven to be price-stable. Pelletizing wood biomass increases its specific density from approximately ten pounds per cubic foot to forty pounds per cubic foot. This provides tremendous advantages in handing, transportation and storage, reducing the cost per BTU which , in turn, lowers heating cost.

  Alternatively, Pellet fuel is a carbon neutral heat & energy source, Just as everybody knows, this biomass need carbon dioxide to grow. The carbon dioxide (CO2) given off when pellets are burned is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the tress, creating a “close carbon cycle”. Buring pellets instead of nonrenewable fossil fuels reduces greenhouse gas emission. Since pellets burn with an average of 80% system efficiency, emission from pellet burners meet even the most stringent EPA requirment.

[Product specification]:(It has met SGS-CSTC Standard and DIN 51731 Standard)

A. Diameter: 8mm                          B. Length: 20mm-40mm

C. Blend: Biomass Mixture                      D. Calorific value: above 4500kal per kg

E. Moisture content: below 15 percent              F. Ash level: below 1 percent

G. Density: 1300-1500kg per cubic meter           H. Sulfur content: below 0.01 percent

I. Chlorine content: below 0.004 percent            J. No addictive

[Product Application]

Biomass Pellet Fuel in residential markets are primarily used in space-heating stoves specifically designed to accept pellets like fireplace etc. On a commercial scaleentire building and complexes , such as schools / prisons and businesses, can be heated efficiently by using pellet boilers. The largest industrial users are electric co-fired generation plants. In each market, Pellet-fueled stoves and boilers offer considerable advantages over hydro carbon fuel by reducing fueling costincreasing combustion efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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