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1.5 TPH Pellet Plant for Guangdong Client

1.5 TPH Pellet Plant for Guangdong Client

  • Art No.:Project Case
  • Brand Name:CWT
  • Model:Sawdust Pellet Plant
  • Place Of Origin:China
  • Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal

Item Name: 1.5 TPH Sawdust Pellet Plant for Guangdong Client


[Raw Material Specification]

Raw Material Name: Sawdust;                Moisture Content: 20%


[Basic Configuration On this Plant]:

A.Belt Conveyor: PSJ60*6m  (Power:2.2KW; Output Capability: 3-4TPH; With Frequent variable control and Roller with Square Magnet)                            

B. Whirly Sifter: WDS120*2  (Power:1.5KW; Output Capability: 1.2-2TPH; Dimater:1.2m, Length:2m)  

C. Centrifugal Efficient Pellet Mill: HPM560  ( Power:90+1.5+0.55+0.55KW; Output Capability: 1.2-1.5TPH)   

D. New Counter Flow Cooler: SKLN1.5 (Power:3KW; Output Capability: 1-2Ton With simple shaking screener on the bottom)  



Because the moisture content of raw material: sawdust is below 20%, this plant doesn’t need drier system. You can change the ring-die to get the finished pellet: 6mm / 8mm through this plant according to your requirement. This is one simplest pellet plant with the following advantage: low invest & small occupied land.(The equipments only occupy 120SQM) 

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