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  • China high quality Pellet Mill supplier
  • China high quality Pellet Mill supplier
  • China high quality Pellet Mill supplier
  • China high quality Pellet Mill supplier
  • China high quality Pellet Mill supplier
  • China high quality Pellet Mill supplier
  • China high quality Pellet Mill supplier
  • China high quality Pellet Mill supplier

As the global climate turns warmer, People attaches importance to their enviornment relative to their working & living more and more. In the light of energy-saving and less-emission requirement from the worldwide environment-protecting conference, one and another innovative new energy product come into being. As an environment-protecting & renewable new energy product, Biomass pellet / bio-coal doesn’t only cater for the government’s advocation and request but also are acknowledged and acceptable by the people step by step. We can foresee and firmly believe that, In the near future, Pellet or bio-coal fuel will take place of nonrenewable fossil fuel like briquette. In order to continuously meet people’s ever-increasing demand on biomass pellet fuel, With the ideal to make contributions to the human beings and repay our country with industry, GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD comes into the world..


  GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTDis a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. We mainly produce and sell biomass pellet plant & bio-coal plant and bio-pellet / bio-coal usage equipmentas well. The complete set of full -automatic & semi-automatic biomass pellet plant (which includes stalk pelletizingwood sawdust pelletizingstalk briquette pressing and rice husk/peanut shell/sunflower husk pelletizing etc) consists of Chipping Process System / Grinding & Screening System / Multi-ring Cylinder Drying System / Pelletizing (Briquette pressing) Process System / Cooling & Packing System and Electrical Control System. Bio-coal or pellet fuel usage equipment includes pellet stove, fireplace and biomass water heater etc. The above products have passed the strict technical test by the relative government offices and got their approval. They also got good feedback from our clients.


  Relying on the Specialized group, Strict management & permanent innovation and development, “CWT” staff launch the new energy equipment of unique structurehigh pressurelow energy-consuming and high efficiency one after one, and these products are “flying” to every corner in the world. They carry “CWT” people’s devotion to new energy product & passion to changing wastes from an ecological sustainable forest industry into valued product and set forth to the meaning of “CWT” to great extent: “Coincide With the Tide, Create the World's Top”.


Through continuous improvement and innovation, we have successfully invented Centrifugal Efficient Pellet Mill. Because this efficient pellet mill has so many characteristics as unique structureDie staticroller rotatingmaterial centrifugal and distributed around evenly / Double-layer diesmulti-function and high efficiency. It obtains our country’s patent and covers the market quickly. During this period of paying more attention to the energy, our new energy equipments “CWT” have been exported toEurope, South of America. In the meanwhile, we have also our sole agent in such countries asIndia,Canada,USAand Romania etc. Besides, In order to increase energy efficiency, through cooperation with CDS GROUP LIMITED in England – WORLD LEADER IN TORREFACTION TECHNOLOGY, we successfully introduced torrefaction technology & took part in manufacturing the complete of bio-coal plant and put into use inGuangdong.   


   Modernized management system controls research, production and quality assurance. High efficient scaling production greatly reduced the production cost. Leveraging on our strong product design capabilities, we take extra miles to design and supply the ideal systems for your needs regardless of intricacy or price. Adhering to the Management Concept of "Quality, Reputation Pioneer", "CWT " provides best service to their customers by good quality, beautiful design, reasonable price and prompt delivery. Complying with the business ethics “Customers are our God, Quality is the life of the enterprise”, we are strict with ISO 2001 Quality Criterion. we exert ourselves on what we can to make every product perfect and to provide customers a safe and excellent product.


Biomass pellet / bio-coal is a clean, renewable energy source that help to significantly diversify transportation fuels inChina.  “CWT” people are helping transform the nation’s renewable and abundant biomass resources into cost-competitive, high-performance bio-fuels, bio-product and bio-power. They are striving to improve the environment & lasting value of our natural resource & bringing these bio-pellet / bio-coal into thousands of families to improve their living. They are also trying their best to contribute to reduce the global warming. They have a common wish: "Make people’s living cost lower, Make people’s living quality better, Make it more harmonious between human and the environment, Make your tomorrow brighter and clearer”.


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Company Name: Guangzhou Pengfa Biomass Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Product/Service: Pellet Mill,Hammermill,Wood Chipper,Drier Series,Screener/Sifter
Brand Name: CWT
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Factory Information
Factory Size: > 1,000  m2
Factory Location: Building 4, Zone D, GuangDong New Lighting Sources Industrial Base, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China.
Contract Manufacturing: Design service offered
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